Gain Clarity on the Unique Essence of Your Brand.

Talk About Who You Are & What You Do With

Greater Confidence, Clarity & Ease.

I help visionary leaders & entrepreneurs who have a new innovation, unique approach, and/or message of social change uncover the essence, or core identity, of their brand.

I've worked with entrepreneurs and organizations across a variety of industries including: healthcare, technology, media, education, wellness, and human & spiritual development. They are typically launching a new brand, or relaunching an existing business and/or service.

Below are the most common questions my clients come to me with. Perhaps you are experiencing one or more of these:

  • I have a lot of services (or ideas). What's the connective thread/focus?

  • How am I unique in the marketplace?

  • What’s the deeper purpose/vision behind my work?

  • Who is my ideal audience?

  • How can I speak more naturally and/or feel more confident while talking about what I do?

  • In the midst of strong opinions about marketing & sales that don’t resonate with me, how can I follow my intuition?


Regardless of the need, I start every coaching engagement with the stance that:

  • much of the clarity you seek is inside of you (and/or your team).

  • your more natural presence is what draws your ideal audience to you. 


In essence, the more you know clearly & resonate deeply with what you stand for, the more powerfully your marketing & sales efforts will resonate with your audience.

That's why, at the core of my method, I not only help you to uncover the purpose & vision behind your brand, but also embody the essence of what you stand for.

I do this through individual and/or team conversations that blend a unique combination of brand and leadership coaching.

This foundational brand clarity work with my clients supports greater efficiencies in their marketing & sales communications (when they work with copywriters & designers) and greater meaning and collaboration in their workplace.

As a result, my clients often say things like:

  • "So much of my brand is ‘in me’ now. I'm more clear about what I'm doing and why."

  • "We now have a revitalized sense of who we are and the unique role we play in the world.'"

  • "It's just easy to explain what we do now. My words flow out naturally."

My services for entrepreneurs & organizations include:

brand visioning/clarity/positioning, audience identification, internal staff+customer stakeholder interviews, team alignment, & brand embodiment.

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You can email me directly at my email address to schedule a complimentary consultation. We can discuss your current challenges & aspirations and explore your intentions for a brand coaching program. If we feel there is a good fit, I can then develop a customized proposal for you.

You can also learn more about the Soulful Brand coaching methodology that my business partner, Matt Sloane, and I created at


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