Align Your Brand Message With Your Inner Truth.

Staying true to who you are as you market your business



At the beginning of April, I will be teaching another online business course – Aligning Your Brand With Your Inner Truth. We will be exploring how to stay true to who you are when marketing & building your business.

This course is intended to help those in the healing professions such as coaches, therapists, body workers, meditation teachers, yoga instructors, and more. It can also support business owners who want to develop marketing communications that come from their deeper purpose & intuition.

Here's a bit more about the course and why I created it.

I often hear from healers, coaches, and therapists that when they try to do marketing or simply share what they do, an inner conflict arises.

Some common questions are: How do I express my purpose & gifts in a world that seems to care more about image and selling? How can my website & messaging reflect the depth of who I am and what I do? How do I stay connected to my inner truth when giving voice to my work and building my business?

These challenges can surface whether developing messaging for a new website, promoting a new offer or business, sharing in social media, or just having a conversation.

What I've seen in my clients, and in myself as a Coach, Counselor, & Healer, is that the resonance of one's Brand always starts with experiencing a resonance in oneself. It's an inner journey of clarity of purpose and self-acceptance that helps to transcend the "shoulds" of marketing and bring a deeper presence to all we do. From there, the right people are naturally attracted to the healing qualities of one's practice.

To support healers in this discovery, the course I am offering will be covering the topics of Brand Clarity, Inner Alignment, and Brand Resonance – the experience of communicating a clear message that radiates the essence of who you are and what you do.

We will offer a safe container where you will have the opportunity to work with others and be guided through a brand clarity and inner alignment process to uncover what is true for you. Additionally, it will help you to access the unique tone of your brand so that it begins to feel more natural to share your business with others. Through brand marketing & spiritual development concepts, small group exercises, guided visualizations, and Q&A, you will gain a stronger foundation from which to create a brand & message that aligns with your inner truth.

This course will be provided through Kim Peirano's non-profit organization, The Integrative Healing Institute, which offers continuing education that integrates the mind, body, and spirit.

Dates: TBD
Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm PST each day (Sat & Sun)
Price: TBD
Format: Online via Zoom

Click below to find out more about the course and sign up. You can also read testimonials below from past participants. If you have questions about the workshop, you can reach out to me at




For acupuncturists, specifically, it's an eight hour CEU course, and we are approved for 8 NCCAOM and 8 category 2 CA CEUs (5 are applicable toward renewal count).



This is the only workshop I’ve ever done for marketing that has brought something out of me that I feel is vitally important and true. I now know that on some level people are going to understand what I’m saying because it’s transmitted through my tone, or essence.  ~ Gina Catania, Body-Based Therapy


I got that marketing and branding can come from a place of honesty and spirit and that I can be truly authentic. ~ Jordan Lowy, L.Ac., CMP


I had a lot more clarity of the uniqueness of my brand, and there was also movement in my writing.  I am less intimidated now by marketing and feel more peaceful, empowered, and optimistic. ~ Janet Settle, 


Ryan showed me how my unique tone is carrying forward through everything I do in my business. I feel excitement now stepping forward with purpose. ~ Chalita Photikoe, L.Ac.


I’ve never experienced this combination of focus and depth in a workshop before and yet it was done with such an ease of flow.  Ryan brings a presence and calmness which permeates everything. ~ Angelika Schafer, Healing Music, Retreats and Counseling   


I feel like I have the ability to be my intuitive self now when doing marketing. ~ Madeline Rogers


I have a stronger sense of how to guide a copywriter and SEO expert based on the inner clarity I have and to make sure the heart-centeredness of who I am comes through in everything I do. ~ Katharine Chaney, L.Ac.


This course was refreshing and different and helped me to put into words what I’ve been thinking and feeling but just haven’t known what or how to do it. ~ Melani Leonard-Cooper, MSOM, L.Ac., Dip.OM, C.SMA, Owner & Practitioner of Long Beach Specialty Acupuncture


I do things intuitively vs. using a methodology, and yet there is a methodology in Ryan’s approach that’s also useful, while also encouraging me to use my intuition. ~ Jennifer Scheible, 


What I came to is getting acquainted with the easy, almost invisible qualities that I already provide people – ones I don’t even realize just because it’s who I am and also the unique ways in which I move through life. ~ Summer Shapiro


I knew from the start that this course would be bigger than just how to grow a business or make a website. And it was! Now I feel as though I’m open to seeing what my own authentic tone is and, through that, I can do my creative work. ~ Mary Snell, Spirit Coach


I came to understand that the same healing space I hold when I work with clients is the same space I can hold when I work on my website or promote my work. I now have a way of creating communications where I can just tune in and see if it holds my unique intention & essence of how I uniquely serve my clients.~ Dr. Kim Peirano, DACM, L.Ac., Transformational Spiritual Life Coach


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