"Your Music is medicine for our hearts."
"If you love music that moves you from the depths of your being, this is your album. I can feel the Divine light carried on every note."
The songs on my albums are channeled and bring a healing energy of unconditional love and peace.
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You can also gift this to others on iTunes
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Front Cover Painting by Brian F.M. Barlow
Layout Design by Tuan Phan
Poem on Back Cover (by Miriam Karell) –– See poem below
Back Cover (and Website) Portrait photo by Robert Bengston
Recorded at Laughing Tiger Studio in San Rafael, CA
Layout Design by Tuan Phan
Back Cover (and Website) Portrait photo by Robert Bengston
Recorded at Laughing Tiger Studio in San Rafael, CA
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"Ryan's music is a flow of God which floods the ocean of my soul in the most gentle way." ~ +Rev. Bishop Bob Bearden, Ordained Healer

Come Wanderers of the Heart

by Miriam Karell

(An excerpt of this poem is on the back of my physical CD, 'Majesty of the Heart')


Come wanderers of the heart

rest your weary bodies on this supple land

the search is over


Stretch out your hands

and drink from the wellspring of the universe

for in this moment

light consumes you

and everything around you

as a soft breath flutters colorful petals

and rocks a lullaby – a hymn – to the nerves


You are free


Lay down your questions and doubts

for your eyes can see past the mountains

and take nourishment from the mist on the horizon

your toes can feel the slight shifts of warmth in the Earth

like an eagle adjusting flight to the change of currents in the sky


Nothing separates you

or keeps you alone


You are the bright sun

fill yourself

burst out of your clothes

for all is risen

your hearts are now open.

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My Musical Journey


The journey I’ve taken to channel music has required a great deal of letting go of what I thought it meant to be a musician.


From the age of six to eighteen, I studied classical piano and played the pieces of known composers such as Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, and Rachmaninoff. As I got older, my piano teacher encouraged me to go to music school, but I found it difficult to study in a conventional way. I learned songs more easily by ear and intuition vs. sight-reading. I was discouraged by the normal methods of learning and gave up playing seriously for more than twenty years. During that time I explored improvising classical music, but mostly as a form of meditation for myself.


It wasn’t until I entered into a deeper spiritual path, and became a Professed Monk in the Spirit of Peace Monastic Community of Celebrating Life Ministries (CLM), that something started to shift for me. I found myself sitting down and spontaneously channeling piano improvisations that sounded like complete compositions.


For a number of years I continued to play these improvisations as a form of healing and meditation for myself and for people in various spiritual communities I was in. However, after being one of the musicians at the CLM healing retreats, people began asking me to share my music and I was inspired to share it more widely.


Above is my debut album 'You are Eternal' and my second album, 'Majesty of the Heart'.


One of the greatest learnings I’ve come to realize over these forty years of playing music is that when we let go of our limiting stories and beliefs and let the Divine take over, miracles happen. From this place, our unique gifts can be offered back into the world with greater purity and strength.


My hope is that this music gives you the inspiration to bring the fullness and beauty of who you are into the world, perhaps even in ways you least expect.  May you experience your eternal nature and be filled with a deep peace within.

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