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I've coached & consulted people from all walks of life including healers, spiritual teachers, business leaders, mission-oriented entrepreneurs, & spiritual seekers –– all across a wide range of companies and circumstances. Below are examples of organizations that some of my clients have worked at, or founded, along with some sample testimonials across many of my coaching services.

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Life, Leadership, & Spiritual Coaching

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Psychotherapist / Yoga Teacher

Words fall short when I try to imagine expressing the immense gratitude I have for Ryan’s presence in my life. He held my weary heart during one of the most tumultuous times of my life. A time when I could not hear or see, and my heart felt under siege with panic and deep sadness. He was a beacon of light, lovingly and patiently offering me spiritual guidance and perspective for my lost and blistered spirit. And now the winds have changed and I feel strong and trusting again to follow my inner guidance. I am grateful that he shared his Light with me. His humble and selfless spirit is an inspiration and brings my heart peace knowing he is in the world.


Executive Director / Psychotherapist

I came in wanting help with leadership support, career direction, and work/life balance. I got help in those areas, but I was able to get support with something much deeper. For as long as I could remember I had a spiritual longing and confusion, as well as not knowing my place or path. In my sessions with Ryan, I was able to address my overall spiritual growth and how to integrate that into all aspects of my life – both personal and professional.


In each session, Ryan was able to quickly attune to my nature and underlying needs. I always felt deeply understood and listened to. He offered a combination of intuitive guidance, a space to reflect on the challenges I was experiencing across my life, and a place to attune to my own inner being and calling. But even beyond that, there was a transmission I received in Ryan’s presence which gave me more energy and clarity to go forward in my life. His presence is welcoming, kind, deeply compassionate and with a quality of spaciousness and non-judgement where I always felt invited to speak about parts of myself that I may not usually feel comfortable doing. 


Working with Ryan completely opened up a door to a new chapter in my life. It helped me to occupy my leadership role more fully and also allowed me to re-engineer and redesign it, so that I could have more spaciousness and time for my own needs and spiritual growth. Additionally, I now have a wider, more integrative way to experience spirituality across my whole life.

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Anna Tchernina

VP Internal Audit, Facebook

I came into coaching wanting to have greater presence and strength as a leader, to express myself with confidence and intentionality in meetings with C-level execs, and to trust my inner wisdom and authentic leadership style.


Ryan’s coaching is like no other leadership coaching I’ve experienced. He draws out my own wisdom in a way that I feel more empowered as a leader and able to realize very clearly what actions I need to take for my team. Our work together has helped me to get promoted, become a stronger leader and advocate for my team, and gain the respect of a wider group of leaders within my organization. It has also spilled over into other parts of my life in a positive way. I feel more grounded, in touch with who I am, and able to make better decisions in the rest of my life.


One of the unique aspects of Ryan’s work is the coaching we do combined with the short meditations in our calls. Incorporating both of them into our sessions has helped me to find my way to my own truth and access a deeper wisdom within myself. Additionally, this deeper understanding of myself has had a real practical impact on my team and our performance. I’ve been able to make decisions and express important truths to others in a way that is both authentic to myself and supportive of my team. One of the realizations I’ve gained over time in working with Ryan is that when I get in touch with my own truth and express that with confidence and compassion to others, it ripples out and supports people around me to do the same and to step into their own empowered leadership presence as well."


Nattalee Lillico

Human Design Coach

I went to Ryan to support me with my spiritual growth in both my personal and professional life. My three closest relationships –– my former intimate partnership, my son, and my former boss –– all had stress and strain in them, and I knew I needed to make some changes. I also had a desire for my coaching practice to expand and support me full time. 


One of the most helpful elements of my sessions with Ryan was knowing and sensing my truth. Throughout our sessions, I became more peaceful, connected to my Spirit, and gained clarity about my next steps. Additionally, I gained awareness of a living energy in our conversations which I could attune to after my sessions.


I look at where I was last year and where I am now, and it’s a quantum leap forward. I didn’t think so many things were possible that are now. The biggest burdens I was carrying were lifted from me, as I realized I didn’t have to carry them anymore. My coaching practice expanded into full time work, and I was able to start thriving financially. I am now in integrity and ethics with my finances. That’s something I had been trying to do for 10 years and was able to do it in just one year. Additionally, my heart opened to Presence which shifted all three of my close relationships. I now feel a deepening of my connection to Spirit, more capacity to be with inner stillness, a trust in my inner authority, and a deeper appreciation for myself and life overall.


Dr. Kim Periano

I wanted to tune into my intuition, show up authentically, and stay connected to my deeper purpose while building my business. Additionally, I had a deeper desire to embrace myself as a healer and grow my client base.

Ryan also has a very holistic approach to his intuitive coaching practice where we look at my whole life and see which aspects are affecting my business. He is very talented at helping me to weed out all of the extraneous stuff that I thought I should be doing and really listen to my own wisdom on how to focus my energy. On numerous occasions he has helped me to see the root energetic causes of some of my business challenges. The process is like finding the keystone underneath it all that unlocks a greater flow of synchronicities in my business, and greater wellbeing in my life overall. 


Since working with Ryan, I have been owning more of my value as a healer and only focusing on marketing & business efforts that serve me. I feel a lot less stressed when it comes to decision-making and have a better intuitive knowing of what feels right to focus on. Additionally, I’ve significantly increased the number of new clients and sales, and have done so with less effort.

Steve Leibman.jpg

Steve Leibman

Human Resources Executive

"I have the pleasure of recommending Ryan as a Coach and Teacher. In the time that I’ve studied and been coached by Ryan, I find him able to embody a rare combination of gentle compassion with a powerful presence. When I am talking with Ryan, I know he is truly with me and he is fully present and available. Ryan knows how to use humor and lightness to put me at ease so that I can open up in a way that creates more space to be my authentic self and explore new possibilities. He knows how to listen and respond on many levels of awareness with an insight, question or suggestion that encourages me to change and see the world from a new angle. Ryan knows how to work with many different types of people and discovers an approach that works for them in a profound way. If you have the great opportunity to work with Ryan, you will thank your lucky stars that you were able to interact with such a wise and caring person.”


Technology Executive

I was at a crossroads in my career and wasn’t sure what type of job to pursue next. I wanted to find something that was true to who I am now. Working with Ryan was less about traditional career advice and more about inner alignment and self-empowerment to support me in all aspects of my career. He helped me to regain my strength and confidence in myself and discover a leadership position that was most aligned with my unique path and gifts.


Ryan brings mindfulness practices and resources into the mix that helped me to let go of any clutter and confusion in my mind about what I thought I should be doing and gain access to my inner wisdom to know what was truly right for me. He also helped me to get comfortable being fallible and to just be myself in the interview process, which brought me more peace throughout. The work with him has had a lasting impact on my current leadership role within my new company. I’m finding myself more attuned to the people I collaborate with and more intentional and focused in my job overall.

Cara Jones v2.jpeg

Cara Jones

CEO & Founder, Storytellers for Good

Ryan has been an invaluable guide in helping me navigate the business and personal challenges of the entrepreneurial path. His unique approach is both structured and organic and has allowed me to turn my ideas into a comprehensive vision with action steps that have and continue to bring my business to life.  His insight, creativity and commitment to helping social entrepreneurs like myself make a difference and have made the process both energizing and inspiring.


Life Coach for Men

(Former Advertising Professional & Screenwriter)

I came to Ryan originally unenthusiastic about much of anything. The world of advertising didn’t seem to be a part of me anymore. The process of working with Ryan was so much more about taking things away and revealing how things can naturally flow in my life. There were all these ideas I thought I should be doing in a career that weren’t necessarily the best things for me to do. They naturally dissipated through the coaching process. The coaching with Ryan is a journey that moves beyond the mind and that drops you into a place of inner wisdom. I have permission now to go where the river is flowing. I feel more relaxed with my path and have such a huge amount of stress off my life. It was all mysteriously powerful.


Deborah Rossouw

Professional Speaker & Coach

Ryan exemplifies all the qualities that one would look for in an exceptional coach: integrity, compassion, brilliance, wisdom and humility – a rare combination in any one person. Ryan is masterful at accurately assessing someone's way of being, within a short timeframe. And, he applies creativity and sensitivity when inviting them to consider new possibilities for their lives. The outcome of Ryan’s coaching is to enable his clients to experience profound shifts while simultaneously equipping them to be self-correcting and self-generating, both crucial indicators of successful integral coaching. Anyone who has the privilege of being coached by Ryan will be grateful they made the investment! 



“I sought Ryan’s coaching during one of the most difficult periods of my life.  My personal and work life were in transition and I knew where I wanted to be, but couldn’t manage to get myself there.  With Ryan’s coaching, I was able to find clarity on how to achieve happiness in the journey and process of life.  The effects of transformation in my thinking and perception are still being revealed, even months after my sessions with Ryan.  I highly recommend Ryan’s coaching service.”


Author and Business Owner

“I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with Ryan. He is a gifted and intuitive practitioner, and was able to guide me through a particularly dark period of my life. I have grown and flourished over the past six months and hope to continue working with Ryan for many years to come. I can’t recommend him highly enough.” 


Entrepreneur, CEO of Mobile Software Company

“I highly recommend Ryan as a coach.  Ryan is a good listener and is very objective and non-judgmental in his approach.  He has helped me achieve clarity on my goals, especially in distilling down to the ones that matter and lead to a healthier and happier state of mind and body.  He has also helped me develop tangible real life activities that help me break out of the loop that I sometimes get into, and really make positive progress on the things that matter.” 

Brand Coaching & Consulting Testimonials

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""The sessions with Ryan tapped into my whole self & were very life affirming. They helped me to move an energy block around brand clarity & personal expression. After years of feeling stuck,  writing copy is now effortless for me. I was able to maximize my investment in a web designer because I had the clarity of my brand & voice.

I'm attracting more of the clients I want. There's a frequency people are feeling behind the words.

~ Laurie Buehler,


When I met Ryan I was looking for new ways of viewing myself and communicating what I do. The essence of my practice had changed, and it was time for me to move beyond all of my degrees and trainings and fully own my healing practice. I was ready to work with a coach who could help me share who I am at my deepest level and come from a place of inner integrity and transparency. 


Working with Ryan was like being with a spiritual alchemist. He offers a very high level of compassion and a space for inner transformation. He has such a gentle way of holding the Truth, that even when I would buck up against it, he wouldn’t budge; nor would he judge or blame me. He simply held the container for me to see my truth and hear my voice. I felt like a rose opening up in the Light. His safe container of Love, healing, and purity is a bridge between the mystical and the miraculous. The more I worked with Ryan, the more I was able to break through my own self-imposed barriers, begin to see myself as God sees me, and let myself be seen by others. 


Since working with Ryan, I feel a deep peace and inner freedom about who I am, what I do, and how to talk about my work. There is a flow to my spiritual healing practice now. The people who contact me are ready for the deeper healing work I provide. Additionally, the inner clarity that I uncovered with Ryan made the process of working with a copywriter and a web designer much easier and more cost effective. I now have a website that is a true reflection of who I am and holds the energy to attract aligned clients.

~ Dr. Rev. Barbara Rose


I wanted to create a website, but I didn’t have enough clarity about my audience or know how to frame or talk about what I do.  Additionally, the way I was conceptualizing my business wasn’t yet fully aligned with my deeper purpose. Working with Ryan gave me the encouragement and permission to think outside of the box of what I thought was possible and to step into a vision and set of offerings that was a more complete expression of who I am. 


His brand clarity process is both structured and highly intuitive. He helped me to break things down into doable steps, while also supporting me in a more organic way to get in touch with why I truly love this work. At the end of our sessions, he wrote up a brand summary that made it much easier for me to give direction to a designer and copywriter to build my website. Ryan also stayed with me during the creative process. It was a real gift getting his creative feedback and also having someone like him holding space for my higher intention during that process.


One of the things I find unique about Ryan is that he has a wonderful combination of extensive business experience, deep intuitive skills, and an ability to really see people and their higher calling. Because of this, he was able to highlight the true value of my work and to be seen more fully and credibly in the marketplace. This process also helped me to own my spiritual gifts in the context of my business and to make everything concrete vs. it staying as just an idea. I would recommend Ryan highly to anyone who needs support finding their authenticity and tp step into what’s truly unique about themselves in their offering. 

~ Kathleen Walsh, MFT,


I wanted to start a healing practice but was unclear about the focus and uniqueness of my business. I was also having trouble finding my voice and owning my gifts of healing.  


Ryan holds such a strong space of neutrality, gentleness, and connection with Spirit that it gave me the space to open up, see my gifts, and know what I have to offer. His coaching process is very intuitive, non-judgemental, and warm-hearted. Because he has his own clarity of who he is, he was able to hold a space to help me access my own clarity and get to the heart of what was true for me. 


It was like a huge weight lifted off of me once my business became more clear. Additionally, working with Ryan gave me a strength that I didn’t know I had. I had a more clear path to where I was going and the confidence to bring it forward. It allowed me to be more open & vulnerable so that I could allow my true self to come out – to shine more of who I am. I am now able to be more clear, decisive, and authentic when I speak about who I am and what I do.

~ Dana Malugani, Spirit Coach & Reiki Practitioner,


"I wanted to launch my new venture with authenticity and relevance. With Ryan's guidance, I was able to unpack my message with deep clarity, experiencing the aliveness that comes from being aligned to one's purpose. I can now speak about an approach to education that both acknowledges the dignity of childhood and makes sense in the marketplace. Over the past 3 years, we've stayed committed to our intention which has proven to meet an important need for families who are now seeing their children happy and thriving at school."

~ Debra Lambrecht, Founder of Caulbridge School in Marin, CA


As a consultant, my brand no longer felt authentic to who I am and to my deeper calling. I was taking the clients I was being given rather than leading my life and my business from a place of purpose. I could also tell I had a book inside me that was related to this purpose, but it was not coming out. I was stuck with questions like, “What do I do about it? What’s the action?” In working with Ryan, the focus began entirely on me as a person, before we got into my business. Their approach allowed me to reconnect to my ancestry and stop leaving behind the unique leadership approaches I bring to my engagements. There’s so much more about myself that got revealed to me. This work has unlocked possibilities that have a real financial impact—I’m making better decisions that attract the right audience and the right dollars. I’ve identified my core strengths and uniqueness beyond the obvious. I’m able to articulate my value with more confidence. I’m now writing the book in me that wants to be written.” 

~ Michael Ansa / Chief Practitioner of Hyphen Human


“Ryan helped me find my voice and what was unique to me. I learned that presenting my business is not about performance—it’s just about being me and talking about what I truly believe. Now there’s so much alignment between my brand and myself that it’s just easy to present and explain. I don’t have to work hard at it. My words just flow out naturally when I’m asked what I do.”

Isabelle Peyrichoux / Founder and Career Coach, Brilliant Seeds


“I wanted to write a book, to tell my story… to show parents you can have both a spiritual life AND a family. I wasn’t sure I had enough to say, and I thought I had to do it all alone. Ryan helped me understand my resistance, tap into the depth of insight and knowledge already inside me, and see how my ideas, and who I am, all fits together. In the end he helped me turn my business into a platform for my voice. Blog-writing and creating partnerships is now effortless for me. I connected with an amazing editor and wrote my book!”

~ Michelle Gale, Author of, ‘Mindful Parenting in a Messy World'


Ryan took us through a process that was like an archeological dig, unearthing our core as a community. We now have a revitalized sense of who we are and the unique role we play in the world. We know how to talk about our work in a relatable and authentic way. Two years after our brand engagement, more people are attending our core program offering than in any of the prior ten years. Additionally, it's reduced time on creating new marketing materials and orienting new hires.”

~ Rachel Davey / Executive Director, The Haven


“I’ve never worked with such ease and authenticity before. I have taken bigger risks and discovered that my corporate clients were actually begging for what I wanted to offer people. I feel more clear, confident, and energized. I know where to go, what to do to connect with my audience, how to speak to them, and show them how working together might diminish their suffering.”

~ Annette Segal / Founder, The Valiant Group


“I had a vision of women in business and technology supporting each other, but needed help making it a reality and learning how to talk about it. Ryan helped me to access my own clarity. Through his process, with a balance between structure and intuition, I was able to understand what my vision really was and how to share it with others in a relatable way. Over time, I’ve learned how to follow and listen to a vision that I believe chose me as much as I chose it. Following this path, in this way, has brought me a kind of synchronicity and support I could never have planned.”

Michelle Stransky


“I got clarity on my message, let go of distractions that were not serving me, and was able to identify and articulate the unique value of my work… and have fun while doing all of that.”

Tara Sophia Mohr / Author, Speaker & Coach


“As we were starting to follow our vision for Pressboard, we wanted clarity on questions like, “what is the core of our brand?” and “how do we present ourselves authentically?” Ryan drew it all out of us—it’s like he took our own intuition and helped us put what we subconsciously knew into words. Now I’m less concerned about ‘selling’ our product because I can focus more on relating to customers with a genuine intention to help them. So much of our brand is ‘in me’ now—I’m more clear about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. As a result, we’ve come a long way in a short period of time.” 

Tiam Korki / Co-Founder, Pressboard Media


“I wanted to found a company—a way to connect my inner longing to my work. To use this company as an opportunity to express myself. But I had this old understanding of marketing: just leave myself out and be oriented to the customer and whatever they want. Ryan helped me uncover and access my basic drive—my deeper purpose—and understand how to channel that into the framework of a company. Since my work with him I’m now following my inner guidance. I have my company, a website, seminar ideas, partners, and new clients. People are drawn to my vision when I speak. The intrinsic motivation to run a business is one of the most important things for an entrepreneur. It’s important to dedicate time to work these things out and set a new track—and make sure it’s a good track for you.” 

~ Norbert Kern / Founder, Chapter 3


Once we shifted our conversations with investors and potential clients to be around personal connection and a shared vision, we were able to develop a great partnership and get acquired by an organization that took our innovation under their wing.”

~ Tony Vassiliev / Co-Founder & CEO, Gauge Mobile, now part of Juicemobile


“We were at a cross-roads; confused about the direction and message for our business, as well as how to work with each other. To make matters more interesting, Jeff and I are not just business partners, we’re also married. Soulful Brand listened, not only to our words, but what we were trying to say. Ryan's highly reflective and nurturing process provided us with clear questions that helped us clarify our business and what we were each needing from each other for an effective partnership. In addition, he helped us really figure out what our company is about, who we are there for and why. We’ve learned how important it is in this process to find yourself, what you stand for, and then be flexible with how that plays out.”

~ Jeff + Liz Spitzer / Co-founders, Expressive Connections


“In just two sessions, I was able to identify a target audience that I both understood and felt passionate about supporting. I gained clarity around the uniqueness of my brand identity and greater confidence as an entrepreneur—I now believe that I have what it takes to do this work.”

~ Kiran Gaind / Modern Parent Coach, The Connected Family


“I walked in feeling emotionally stuck around my coaching identity, what made me unique, and how to articulate it. I walked away with a deepening of my own understanding of who I am as a coach, what I’m offering, and a sense of freedom around where I’m at. In the end, I received a straight up assessment and clear recommendations on how to move forward and what to focus on.”

~ Michael P. Dolan / Principal Executive Coach, Truly Productive Leadership


“After working with Ryan, I feel much clearer and in tune with the vital parts of my brand. It feels like I carry it inside of me and no longer worry about trying to remember what to say. I can access the most important aspects of my brand during a conversation and talk about it boldly with a calm confidence. As a result, more of the people I really want to work with are contacting me and new clients are coming.”

~ Ken Kirby, Ph.D. / Principal, EVOTO Company

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