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Spiritual & Personal Development

As a Spiritual Coach, Leadership Coach, and Meditation Teacher, I support people as they awaken and deepen in their spiritual growth. This includes helping them to open & strengthen their intuition, heal in relationships, align to their purpose and path, and experience more inner stillness & Presence in their daily life. Healing and Awakening the Heart & Mind is a key element in my work.

Often, when people come to me they are either in a big life transition, spiritual deepening, or challenging work/life situation and would like support making decisions & choices that feel aligned and true to who they are. Over time, and with consistent practice & guidance, my clients are able to attune to their own inner wisdom, feel more like themselves across many aspects of their lives, and can be of greater service to their families, colleagues, teams, communities, and the planet.

My spiritual background brings in elements from multiple traditions. I am a Professed Monk in the Spirit of Peace Monastic Community within Celebrating Life Ministries; a Teacher at the Foundation for Spiritual Development in San Rafael, CA; and was trained as an Integral Coach ® with the New Ventures West Integral Coaching Program in San Francisco, CA.  Additionally, I am a trained True Purpose ® Coach and studied Internal Family Systems Therapy and Voice Dialogue.

I also bring in elements of the Enneagram as well as spiritual teachings and meditations from multiple wisdom traditions to take people deeper into their own true nature. Many find greater peace, wisdom, and compassion within themselves along their path.


As a pianist I use music to help people experience greater inner peace throughout the day. I have five channeled meditative piano albums (Harmony, Rise, Love's Embrace, You Are Eternal, and Majesty of the Heart), and I also play for events that wish to bring a healing energy of unconditional love and peace to their audience. To read my music bio, click here.

Brand Coaching & Consulting

As a Consultant, I support practitioners in the Healing professions (i.e. therapists, coaches, energy workers, yoga practitioners, etc...) to align with their highest intention (purpose, vision, & spiritual gifts); gain clarity on the uniqueness of their brand & message; and stay true to who they are as they share their work in their marketing efforts. I've spoken at the Stanford Business School, Wisdom 2.0 Conference, New Ventures West Integral Coaching School, as well as online events about the importance of attuning to our inner wisdom and leading with our authentic presence in everything we do.


Corporate Experience & Education

Prior to my work as a Coach & Consultant, I was a Sr. Director of Marketing at Yahoo! and launched a number of innovations into the marketplace, including Yahoo! Local & Yahoo! Answers. I graduated with a B.S. in Earth Systems (Economics & Environmental Science) from Stanford University.

You can see my full professional background on my Linkedin profile.

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