I've included some guided meditations below which you can listen to on my Website, on Soundcloud, or Download for free. Each meditation is intended to support you in feeling more clear and centered in your day.

Cleansing Meditation 

This cleansing meditation helps you to relax your nervous system, clear dense energies from your space, and fill with Divine Presence.

Download with OR without music

Heart Meditation 

This meditation helps you to experience a deeper healing and connection with your heart, as well as other people's hearts around the world.

Download with OR without music

Breath & Body Relaxation Meditation 

This breathing & body relaxation meditation helps you to relax your nervous system by allowing more breath into various parts of your body.

Download with OR without music

Forgiveness Meditation 

My friend and Chinese Acupuncturist & Healer, Dr. Kim Peirano, and I teamed up to create a forgiveness meditation.  Kim uses this guided meditation to lead us through the frequency of true forgiveness, using my piano music in the background.

Meditation by Dr. Kim Peirano, DACM, LAc - Lion's Heart Wellness in San Rafael, CA  www.LionsHeartWellness.com

Music by Ryan Rigoli  –– Featured songs: Forgiven, Silent Prayer, The Unlayering, & Release

Meditation adapted from 'Soul Integration' by Sal Rachele   www.SalRachele.com

You can also listen to my meditative piano music which can help you to experience a healing of unconditional love and peace

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