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Awakening The Heart, Awakening Intuition

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

There is a certain point in our inner journey, where the heart becomes a doorway to a dimension of our Being that simply Knows. When we have an open & undefended heart, we have the space to attune to this deeper wisdom within ourselves. We begin to know who we are and why we're here. Our intuition increases, and there's an inner strength which naturally surfaces to help us follow it and to be ourselves. Conversely, when our heart closes (and this can happen more than we realize), inner clarity closes down too. Something within us doesn't feel safe to know and live our highest truth. What I have seen when helping clients attune to their intuition, and in my own journey with it as well, is that the heart opens with true surrender. That is, when those big life questions or pain points arise, self acceptance is what opens the door to our deepest knowing. Many times we may think we are at that place of surrender (or even truth), but in actuality we are still in a form of trying or grasping or even blaming or projection. When the heart heals & transforms, a shift in our consciousness takes place where inner clarity becomes more commonplace and we open to previously unseen possibilities. With a deep healing of the heart, I have witnessed people heal their relationships, experience more health & wellbeing, grow in abundance, and get clear on their purpose. Ultimately, though, one of the greatest benefits is that there is a deeper connection with one's inner Being, with others, the natural world, & life itself and an orientation towards service to our families, communities, and the planet. In this time of great change, I am seeing more questions of the Heart arise and take center stage for many. Perhaps you are experiencing this yourself in one or more parts of your life. - How can I forgive myself or another? - What will help me stay in my heart more often as I navigate the intensity of the world? - What is my intuition saying and how do I cultivate my inner knowing and follow my true path? - How can I be myself across all of my relationships and interactions? - How can I experience more inner freedom and Divine Presence in my day to day life? - How do I find meaning & purpose? - How can I be of greater service and to both know and use the gifts given to me to support others When big questions like these surface in our life, it's common to try and seek clarity first. And yet, for some of the bigger questions & challenges that come up, we often need the space to let our hearts heal and open, so that the deeper clarity can come through. Awakening the heart can be a delicate process that requires courage, patience, and a space of compassion. The process of letting go of a pain in the heart and old stories in the mind can take great attention, and often time. When we do this in earnest, we may see that 'letting go' isn't something we try to do. Instead, it's a state of grace we become aware of that already exists within us. When we open to this grace, the challenging thoughts and emotions start to let go of us, as they're held in the Light of Love. As we deepen our connection to this spiritual Presence, or grace, the process of awakening can be a tremendously freeing and clarifying experience. Additionally, listening and following our intuition doesn't have to be scary, strange, or mysterious. We realize it's a natural part of who we are. If you'd like to learn more, this is another article I wrote that explains the connection between compassion & intuition, and the nature of our egoic mind and our true self. It's called Opening the Heart Relaxes the Mind. It's one of the many ways to open up to the dimension of our inner wisdom. As we continue to move forward in an ever changing world, my wish is that you may experience an awakening of your Heart, clarity of mind, and the inner freedom, love, and joy that comes with it. Blessings on your journey. Ryan ––– Spiritual Guidance | Executive & Life Coaching | Healing Music


Spiritual Guidance & Coaching Support

As a Spiritual Guide & Teacher, Executive & Life Coach, and Musician, I support people as they awaken and deepen in their spiritual growth. This includes helping them to open & strengthen their intuition, heal in relationships, align to their purpose and path, and experience more inner stillness & Presence in their daily life. The awakening of our mind and heart are two important energy centers within us that support our ability to hear our deepest wisdom and follow our own path. The awakening of the heart & mind are key elements of my work.

If you are interested in Spiritual Guidance and/or Executive & Life Coaching, contact me directly to let me know what kind of support you’re interested in, and I’ll send you more details. OR, you can click on one of the links below to learn more and sign up for a session.


My Background

My work brings in elements of multiple traditions and modalities. I am a Professed Monk in the Spirit of Peace Monastic Community within Celebrating Life Ministries and offer Spiritual Direction for those in our community and beyond. I am also a Spiritual Teacher at the Foundation for Spiritual Development in San Rafael, CA; a Oneness Deeksha Giver, and was trained as an Integral Coach® with the New Ventures West Integral Coaching® Program in San Francisco, CA. Additionally, I am trained as a True Purpose® Coach and studied Internal Family Systems Therapy and Voice Dialogue. I also bring in elements of the Enneagram as well as spiritual teachings and meditations from multiple wisdom traditions to take people deeper into their own true nature.

As a musician, I create meditative healing music & guided meditations to help people experience greater awareness, unconditional love, & peace in their day.

You can learn more about my full path and bio here.


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Healing Piano Meditations

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