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Bringing Out the Soul of Your Business

Developing marketing communications can be challenging for many business owners, particularly ones who are in the healing and therapeutic professions. I often hear them say it's tough to stay authentic and clear-headed, while sharing who they are and what they do. I've certainly experienced this myself as a coach & healer. I've seen many folks talk about what they do using approaches that are based on urgency, scarcity, or competition, even in the most subtle of ways. While those approaches may work for some businesses, I find that they don't work in the long-run for people who are bringing healing and transformation into the world. In fact, those methods are counter-intuitive to the healing possibilities they offer their own clients and communities. In the end, they can create more stuckness for their business and headaches for themselves. Instead, I find that an entirely different approach is needed. One that allows a healer to let go of the 'shoulds' of marketing, discover their deeper purpose & inherent value, and find their unique way of orienting in the marketplace.

In my experience, to create a business that is truly authentic, differentiated, and integrally tied to our deeper calling, it's helpful to explore our brand, and most importantly ourselves, from the inside out. In other words, do the inner exploration first, before spending too much time developing a website or doing a deep dive into marketing. These are some of the questions, that when explored more deeply, can lead to better results.

  • What is my purpose, vision & values and how can I integrate them into my business?

  • What community is best for me to support & can be served well with my gifts?

  • How can I speak about my business in a way that feels natural for me?

  • How can I cultivate my intuition, so I can make aligned business decisions?

  • What can I heal within myself to support the growth of my business, my clients, and myself?

For many of my clients who have made this commitment, they have experienced greater ease in their marketing communications, synchronicity with their business, fulfillment in their work, and they have accomplished more with less effort. In essence, standing in their unique, authentic presence across all of their marketing communications has often attracted the right clients to them and done a lot of the heavy lifting for them.

To support healers on this journey, I have created two offers that address the following questions.

1) Brand Clarity – “What is my spirit's calling and how does it make my business unique?”

2) Brand Embodiment – "How do I stay true to who I am as I share what I do?" Additionally, "How can I hear my intuition more clearly and make decisions that are aligned with my higher purpose?"

Below, I have shared stories of two clients (a therapist and an acupuncturist) who have applied this approach and seen positive growth for themselves personally and for their business.

If you are a healer of any type (i.e. a therapist, acupuncturist, coach, energy healer, etc...) and find yourself curious about this type of brand exploration, I am offering a 2-day course on Apr 1st & 2nd called, "Uncovering the Uniqueness of Your Brand". We'll be focusing on Brand Clarity, Brand Embodiment, and Brand Resonance. Click here to find out more. This course can be used as continuing education credits for acupuncturists, since it is offered through an accredited organization, The Integrative Healing Institute.

If you would like to find out more about individual brand coaching & consulting sessions with me, you can find out more here.

Finally, if you would like to learn more about a part of the methodology I use in my brand clarity work, you're welcome to download this free eBook below.

4 Key Elements of a Soulful Brand (ebook) - v3.3
Download PDF • 365KB

Blessings on your journey, Ryan




Kathleen Walsh, LMFT (Psychotherapist)


Kathleen wanted to build a website and launch her new business practice, but she didn't know the type of clients who were her sweet spot or how to talk about what she did in a way that felt natural for her and resonated with her audience. Additionally, the way she was envisioning her business and service offerings wasn't yet fully aligned with her deeper purpose. DURING I took Kathleen through a Brand Clarity process to help her uncover the uniqueness of her brand, ensure that it was aligned with her deeper calling, and give her the foundation she needed, so she could develop her marketing communications. Our sessions focused on helping her to gain clarity around the following elements of her brand:

  • Why: her deeper purpose and the inspiration behind her business

  • Who: her audience focus, their circumstances, needs, & aspirations

  • How: her approach, gifts & talents, differentiators, and brand voice

  • What: her service offerings + the impact her work has on her clients

  • Brand Essence: the heart & soul that holds her business together

AFTER Once that clarity surfaced, it became much easier for her to:

  • Speak about her business with greater authenticity and resonance

  • Know which additional service offerings to build out for her audience

  • Give clear direction to a copywriter and web designer to develop her website

Note: Once my clients are ready, I can introduce them to a web designer and/or copywriter who is experienced at working with small business owners in the healing professions and tuning in intuitively to capture their essence. IN HER OWN WORDS

“Working with Ryan gave me the encouragement and permission to think outside the box of what I thought was possible and to step into a vision and set of offerings that was a more complete expression of who I am. His brand clarity process is both structured and highly intuitive. He has a wonderful combination of extensive business experience, deep intuitive skills, and an ability to really see people and their higher calling. Because of this, he was able to highlight the true value of my work, help me to own my spiritual gifts in the context of my business, and support me to be seen more fully and credibly in the marketplace. Towards the end of our work together, he wrote up a brand summary that made it much easier for me to give direction to a web designer and copywriter who built my website. It was also a real gift to get his feedback during the creative process and have him hold space for my higher intention. I would highly recommend Ryan to anyone who needs support finding their authenticity and owning what’s truly unique about themselves in their business, and in their life overall.”



Dr. Kim Peirano, DACM, LAC (Acupuncturist)


Kim wanted to tune into her own intuition, show up authentically, and stay connected to her deeper purpose, while building her acupuncture business. She associated marketing with being stressful and wanted to do it in a way that was most aligned for her.


Kim engaged in an ongoing coaching program that supported her in letting go of old concepts around marketing and business, tuning into her own wisdom, and stepping into her power. AFTER

Part way through the program, Kim was more able to:

  • Develop the capacity to follow her intuition when making business decisions

  • Begin to heal energetic blocks, so she could grow her business and herself

  • Feel more at ease when reaching a larger audience with her vision

  • Speak from a more natural place as a spokesperson for her brand


"Working with Ryan has built up my capacity to listen to my inner wisdom and make business choices that are most aligned for my path. He has a unique ability to help me take a look at my whole life and pinpoint the root energetic causes that are affecting my business, and my own growth as an entrepreneur. His holistic & intuitive approach has helped me to unlock greater flow and synchronicity in my business, and my life overall. Since working with him, I have been letting go of the “should’s” of marketing, only focusing on business & marketing efforts that serve me, and expanding my business as a healer. I feel more at ease when it comes to decision-making and have a better intuitive knowing of how to focus my energy. Additionally, I’ve significantly increased the number of new clients coming to me, and have done so with less effort.”


Ryan's Bio

As a Spiritual Guide and Executive & Life Coach, I help business leaders, entrepreneurs, & truth seekers access their intuitive guidance & follow their purpose, at work & beyond. I am also a Meditation Teacher, Improvisational Classical Pianist, & a Professed Monk and use my business, creative, and spiritual backgrounds to support people in living with greater purpose, presence, and peace.

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